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avatrade review Broker AvaTrade Review  
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min Deposit: $100
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AvaTrade Review 2020 and Technical Opinions

by | Mar 19, 2019

Did you search AvaTrade review to figure out AvaTrade’s real value?

Would you like to fully understand if AvaTrade is reliable or if it’s a scam?

Do you want to find out everything you can do with AvaTrade, expert opinions, and user reviews?


In this AvaTrade review, you’ll find everything you need to dispel any doubt, including our feedback on AvaTrade, both practical and technical, after years of experience on the platform.

The best thing you could is to open a free demo account to try out first-hand the AvaTrade platforms, to be able to fully follow this review.


PART 1 – AvaTrade Legal Review – Company and Legal Information

In the present climate, it is understandable for many traders to worry about the possibility of a scam occurring with forex brokers.

Whilst this is a genuine worry and these types of scams certainly do take place, it is important to note from the outset that AvaTrade appears to be a completely legitimate operation.

As of the time of writing our review of AvaTrade, they have been in operation for more than a decade under a variety of strict global regulations.

Is AvaTrade a scam? Is AvaTrade reliable? AvaTrade review and legal opinions

For all intents and purposes, it would appear that AvaTrade is a completely transparent and trustworthy operation.

During the course of research for this AvaTrade review, we have found that the broker holds license to operate in a variety of different regions. These include the EU, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the British Virgin Islands.

In order to operate in such jurisdictions, it is highly necessary to conforms with regulators who impose stringent policies in many cases. This, along with their time of being in operation, and their increasing user base would bring about the conclusion that the company is both reliable and secure.

When I make a deposit to AvaTrade, where does my money go?

When making a deposit with AvaTrade, much like many other high-level brokers, your deposit will be placed in an account with a top-tier bank which is segregated from the AvaTrade Company.

These institutions often conduct review of AvaTrade activities to make certain they are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Is AvaTrade regulated? AvaTrade Regulations – AvaTrade license opinions

A vital element of any extensive broker review, with this review of AvaTrade being no exception, is to clarify the regulatory bodies to which a broker is accountable. In this AvaTrade review, we can see that they are extremely well regulated on a global scale.

These regulatory bodies are among the most secure and effective in the world.

In the EU, AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, in Australia they are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), The Financial Services Commission (FSC) in the British Virgin Islands, the Financial Services Board in South Africa, Israel Securities Authority (ISA), and the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

As we can see from a quick review of AvaTrade and their regulators, no corners have been cut to ensure the company are subjected to the most thorough of regulations throughout the world.

avatrade regulations list

How to check the AvaTrade licenses

Checking the company registrations and licensing mentioned above is as simple as clicking on any of these links below dependent of the location which you would like to verify.

  • Central Bank of Ireland
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Financial Services Commission (BVI)
  • Financial Services Board (South Africa)
  • Financial Services Agency of Japan

It is relatively rare, even for major brokers, to be regulated with so many jurisdictions. This is another testament to the transparency we have discovered during the course of this AvaTrade review.

What type of broker is AvaTrade? AvaTrade technical opinions

AvaTrade is a market maker. They are well known in the sector as one of the top market maker style brokers in the industry.

This can be advantageous to traders in various ways. One of the key ways is that currency price movements in the forex sector can often be less volatile through a market maker.

AvaTrade user reviews often note this as a positive point although it depends on the users trading style and strategy predominantly.

How does AvaTrade profit?

An important point to note on this question in terms of this AvaTrade review is that they are a market maker. This essentially means they can decide their own market spread.

This is exactly how AvaTrade make money. They offer slightly wider spreads. That said, these still remain very marginal and the AvaTrade spreads are among the most competitive in the industry.

Where is the legal office of AvaTrade?

Again in this review of AvaTrade, we can see they have multiple offices located worldwide. These have been clearly and transparently declared by the company and are located as follows:

Ireland (Head Office)
Five Lamps Place
Amiens Street,
Dublin 1 Ireland

Minatoku Akasaka

Level 13 2 park street
Sydney NSW 2000

South Africa
70 Grayston Drive, second floor
Sandton 2196

British Virgin Islands
Euro American Trust Building
British Virgin Islands

The above locations are some of the main operating offices for AvaTrade and within the regulatory regions. AvaTrade also has office locations in Italy, France, Spain, Mongolia, China, Chile, and Nigeria.

This scope of presence should continue to inspire a sense of confidence throughout our AvaTrade review that the broker is one of the most respected in the forex world.

AvaTrade 5 stars
AvaTrade logo
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min. Deposit: $100
AvaTrade logo
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min. Deposit: $100
(71% of retail CFD accounts lose money)
  • Regulations: AVA Trade EU Ltd regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (No.C53877); AVA Trade Ltd regulated by the V.I Financial Services Commission; Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd regulated by ASIC (No.406684); Ava Capital Markets Pty regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA No.45984); Ava Trade Japan K.K. regulated by the FSA (No.1662) and the FFAJ (No.1574)
  • Leverage: 1:30
  • Minimum Deposit: AUD $ 100, USD $ 100, £ 100, or € 100
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo (mobile app), MT4, Mac Trading (specifically for Macs), Webtrader
  • Headquarters: AVA Trade EU Ltd is headquartered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • US Customers: No
  • Other instruments: CFDs on indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, options, ETFs

PART 2 – AvaTrade Account Opening

In this segment of our AvaTrade review, we will go beneath the surface to analyze all the trade features of the broker.

This includes an review of the services they provide and an in-depth look at the trading platforms they offer users. These are factors which may prove pivotal when it comes to making you final decision about which forex broker to choose.

AvaTrade demo: how to open a free virtual account

AvaTrade offers a free virtual account in a few easy steps. During the course of this AvaTrade review, we tested this feature and found that the virtual account could be open in as little as 10 minutes by following the on-screen instructions.

This account can be used for up to 21 days.

AvaTrade Live: how to open a Live AvaTrade account

A live account is the next natural step up in trading with AvaTrade and can also be open in a few easy steps.

You will need to submit the required identification documents as mandated by the regulators of AvaTrade before you begin to trade.

avatrade review account

AvaTrade Deposits and Withdrawals – All the options

AvaTrade offers a range of deposit options. Many of these are instant and fee free.

A review of AvaTrade withdrawal processes note that the same options are available for withdrawal with a processing time of up to 5 business days. The deposit and withdrawal options available are as follows:

  • Credit/Debit Card (*Canada Excluded)
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • Neteller

In the case of withdrawals, due to anti-money laundering regulations, you may only withdraw using the same method you used to deposit.

AvaTrade minimum deposit

The minimum deposit to begin trading with your AvaTrade account is 100 EUR/GBP/USD/AUD depending upon your region, account type and payment method.

AvaTrade Bonus and Offers

An AvaTrade bonus review is not possible since, due to regulatory requirements, the company cannot offer any incentive or bonus is they are to stay compliant within the various regulatory bodies that monitor their operations.

What type of trader are you?

71% of retail CFD accounts lose money

PART 3 – AvaTrade Review- Accounts, Conditions, and Fees

AvaTrade Account Types

AvaTrade keeps things relatively simple when it comes to account types.

The company allow for the standard trading account for the majority of users with a minimum deposit of 100 EUR/GBP/USD. Beyond retail users, the company offers a MAM account for professional traders who are managing multiple client accounts.

Benefits of the professional MAM account include compatibility with EA, order placement for an unlimited number of client accounts, and the ability to create multiple sub-trading groups.

MAM accounts feature a minimum trade amount of 0.01 lots and are in many cases entitled to slightly improved spreads than those of the standard retail user operating from a regular account.

Commissions, Fees, Spread and Market Trading Hours on AvaTrade

As previously discussed in this review of AvaTrade, the broker make their money from the marginal spread which they charge to the trader and not from any fixed trading fee or commission.

The current spread for retail users through AvaTrade is generally between 1-3 pips within major markets, and slightly less for professional high-volume traders. This is in-line with many other major broker offerings in the marketplace.

avatrade spread review

What can you do with AvaTrade? AvaTrade features opinions

Through conducting this AvaTrade review, it has become clear that the broker possesses a diverse range of features and options for traders beyond what is usually standard.

Traders have the option of up to 8 different trading platforms including automated trading powered by ZuluTrade.

Beyond this, the company offers a vast range of trading instruments across a number of markets. These include CFD, options and cryptocurrency trading as well as a range of both major and minor currency pairs for forex trading.

AvaTrade Leverage – What it the highest leverage AvaTrade offers?

The maximum leverage offered by AvaTrade is 30:1 on any markets. This is due to the recent introduction of new legislation which limits the amount of leverage a broker can offer.

The company offers leverage of 30:1 on some major currency pairs, 20:1 on many minor currency pairings, down to a leverage of 2:1 on cryptocurrency trading.

AvaTrade Forex Trading

AvaTrade is primarily known as a forex broker and so, as expected, they offer an extensive range of currency pairs to choose from for prospective forex traders. These include all major pairs and a collection of minor currency pairs together with some exotic.

In total, they offer trading in more than 50 different currency pairs. This should be enough to ensure AvaTrade user reviews remain as positive as they have been to date.

AvaTrade Cryptocurrencies

In line with current market trends, AvaTrade does offer trading in a range of cryptocurrency markets. AvaTrade Bitcoin reviews have always been very positive since they offer such competitive swap rates and a leverage of up to 2:1 on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Cash markets.

From a full review of AvaTrades cryptocurrency offering, we can see that they also offer trading on other major cryptocurrencies, namely, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

AvaTrade CFD

Throughout this AvaTrade review, we have noted that the company offer extensive trading in a range of CFD markets. These CFDs are within the bonds, stocks, indices, commodities and ETF markets.

CFDs are tradable through the regular trading platforms offered by the company. Users can also opt to avail of the automated trade services and follow expert traders and signals in partnership with ZuluTrade.

AvaTrade Islamic Account

Yes. We have noted during this AvaTrade review that the broker does offer an Islamic account which is interest free for its Muslim traders in accordance with Sharia law.

avatrade islamic account

AvaTrade Privacy Policy

AvaTrade have a complete and in-depth privacy policy which is in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements of the company. This helps ensure that your information as a trader is kept in the most secure environment.

You can find the complete AvaTrade privacy policy, together with a collection of the company legal documentation, on the Avatrade’s official website.

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71% of retail CFD accounts lose money

PART 4 – AvaTrade Trading Platforms Review

AvaTrade Trading Platform Review

Metatrader 4 is the main trading platform offered by AvaTrade.

This is one of the most highly respected and used platforms in the industry and has been for over a decade. As well as being available in its standard form, AvaTrade also uses MT4 to power much of its mobile and web-based trading.

The broker also offers its AvaTrade Go platform for mobile trading on both Android and iOS powered devices. A deeper look at the AvaTrade Go reviews from users would indicate that they are largely pleased with the performance of the app.

The AvaOptions platform is also available for options trading through the broker.

Here is a more in-depth look at the available platforms:

AvaTrade Desktop Trading Platforms

For desktop trading, AvaTrade have a couple of options available. One is Metatrader 4, the other being the AvaOptions proprietary platform.

With MT4 you get a very intuitive and powerful platform with all the features that traders have come to know and love over the years, these include hundreds of indicators for professional analytics, the ability to create your own custom indicators and implement your own APIs, as well as the usual top-quality visuals and chart placements which have made MT4 such an instinctive platform for traders to use over the years.

The AvaTrade MT4 platform also features automated trading through the EA feature, and more than 30 unique advanced charting tools which can also store historical charting data for future reference. MT4 is also offered through AvaTrade for both powerful web and mobile trading.

Moving on to the proprietary AvaTrade platform, this offers a range of forex options across more than 30 markets. The platform features options with a wide range of expiration times in a layout which is not visually astounding but highly-functional.

Within this platform users can track the various markets of their choosing, having access to all of the option expiry dates, historical data, graphs, and analytical tools they require for trading.

AvaTrade Web Trading Platforms

For web trading, AvaTrade again employs the use of Metatrader 4.

This is a highly efficient platform which is clearly and concisely laid out in much the same productive manner as the desktop version. Through this account you still have access to the full range of charting and analytical tools and follow the same fast ordering process.

The interface is rudimentary and doesn’t visually stimulate the user, but the functions are efficient and relatively easy to understand for new users. Given that every display from charting to markets, and beyond is customizable in its positioning, you also have the opportunity to set the screen up in very much your own desired manner.

With this trading platform, ordering is usually done through a few clicks where you can choose your execution type in the order dialog box, although one-click trading can also be enabled to expedite the process for more experienced users.

AvaTrade Mobile Trading Platforms

AvaTradeGO is the main platform which the broker uses to facilitate mobile trading. This platform excels in being both visually appealing and user friendly. The app is highly intuitive and features the ability to engage in touch trading from the home screen as well as to easily view your open positions and chart all of the major markets with a variety of easy to use indicators and professional tools.

The app itself is very user friendly and engages a unique market trends feature which allows users to easily follow social trends from the community whilst on the go. The platform is available in a total of 14 languages and features a total of more than 250 trading instruments.

AvaTrade’s Copy Trading Features

AvaTrade enables copy trading through its partnerships with two of the worlds most respected copy trading platforms.

Those are ZuluTrade and Duplitrade. These partnerships allow AvaTrade to offer users the very best in terms of copy trading from expert traders and the most up to date and insightful signals service on the market.

AvaTrade signals reviews are carried out regularly by the broker to ensure the service is as high quality as can be offered to traders within the community.

Can I use Metatrader with AvaTrade?


Earlier in this AvaTrade review, we discussed how the brokers trading platform are largely powered by the popular and top quality Metatrader 4, one of the most respected trading platforms in the industry.

AvaTrade tutorial: Where to find the best AvaTrade Guides

Ultimately, this AvaTrade review will serve as the foundation for your learning journey with the broker. Also, AvaTrade has a range of educational information which we will discuss in the next section.

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71% of retail CFD accounts lose money

PART 5 – Support, Research, and Educational Material

AvaTrade Customer Support

AvaTrade customer service reviews from other traders have been largely positive and this is due to the comprehensive nature of customer service which the company provides to its growing community of users.

The AvaTrade customer support team offers localized and multilingual support on a 24/5 basis by telephone and users can also contact them be email, social media channels, or through the websites all-encompassing live chat feature.

The localization of the customer support network to include offices and staff member from AvaTrade around the globe is particularly helpful. This ensures that traders are not needlessly increasing their costs to access customer support outside their local regions.


From a research standpoint, the broker does a lot to facilitate the best opportunities for its traders. This means they typically engage in weekly market analysis which is then published within the brokers SharpTrader section. This analysis takes the form of both technical and fundamental analysis of major markets. Up to date news is also provided on everything of note which is happening within the financial sector.

Beyond this, the broker engages the use of Autochartist which is integrated with its MT4 platforms. This is award-winning software which charts the markets continuously in an automated fashion.

This provides technical analysis to traders within the market on a regular basis when an opportunity arises. This key pattern recognition and TA saves a great deal of time and resources on behalf of new and experienced traders alike.

avatrade sharpertrader

AvaTrade Trading Educational Support

AvaTrade offers a premium quality level of educational support for new traders and the opportunity for even seasoned traders to continue learning through their dedicated Sharp Trader website.

This forms the basis of the educational support offered by the company which includes video guides, e-books, seminars, economic indicators and more. These economic tool and learning guides can be of vital importance, especially when you first begin to engage in forex and CFD trading.

AvaTrade users, customers and bad reviews

Before moving on to our final opinion on AvaTrade, for completeness we want to give you the opportunity to read some comments and experiences written directly by other users. However, important prerequisites must be made:

WARNING: in the world of online trading, very often users who do not know how to operate professionally, and therefore lose money, vent their frustrations by giving bad reviews on the broker, reviews that have nothing to do with the quality of the broker in question.
WARNING 2: There have been many cases where non-professional rival brokers paid fake users to write false negative reviews on other brokers.

That said, it can still be useful to take a look at the direct reviews of other users, if for no other reason to understand what to pay more attention to when you start working with that broker.

You can read users and customers reviews on AvaTrade on TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy.

AvaTrade 5 stars
AvaTrade logo
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min. Deposit: $100
AvaTrade logo
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min. Deposit: $100
(71% of retail CFD accounts lose money)

PART 6 – Final thoughts and opinions on AvaTrade

Now that we have completed our extensive 2020 AvaTrade review, we will offer a summary of the brokers offering and our own unbiased opinions based on what the broker has to offer in comparison with other major brokers in the sector.

Being one of the major brokers in the industry and servicing over 200,000 customers worldwide already lends positively toward core values and service offered by the company.

This full review of AvaTrade have shown that the broker lives up to its reputation as one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly in the industry.

AvaTrade review, AvaTrade opinions and final comments

AvaTrade user reviews have been largely positive from the community of users. This in itself is an achievement as many brokers will often suffer from bad reviews, this can be particularly true in the leveraged trading sectors where the possibility for losses can often arise.

One thing that can be confirmed for certain from this AvaTrade review is that they are a completely legitimate operation with a global HQ in the heart of Europe which is regulated by among the most stringent of global bodies to ensure the highest ethical standards. These have been met by AvaTrade.

Finally, the service provided to traders is of top quality. This extends from the range of markets offered to the number of platforms both on desktop and mobile. All of this is woven together by the company core value of positive customer service which is evident throughout.

AvaTrade Reviews – AvaTrade Pros and Cons

As with every platform or major broker which we review, there are both positives and negatives depending on your own viewpoints, skill levels, and how you execute your trades.

The AvaTrade review is no different, with a number of key areas standing out as both very positive and some minor areas which may be in need of improvement. Here is our take on what those points are.

AvaTrade Reviews – PRO

  • AvaTrade is highly regulated and complaint with the regulations of numerous bodies around the world. Some of these are among strictest regulatory agencies. This can only represent a positive outcome for the security of traders.
  • Multilingual support which is also localized in countries around the world. This makes it vastly easier for customers to gain access to the helpful trading support they need and also at the lowest cost possible to them.
  • The company offers a multitude of trading platforms and methods to choose from. This level of flexibility is something which traders in the modern day market both need and expect from brokers. AvaTrade delivers on mobile, web-based, downloadable, and automated trades. The same is true for iOS, Adroid, Mac, or Windows operating systems.
  • Partnerships and integration with the likes of RoboX and Zulutrade to enhance automated and copy trading capabilities is a great positive for traders which can ultimately end up in increased earning potential.

AvaTrade Reviews – CONS

  • From our review, we have noted that the website itself is not laid out in the most user friendly fashion. Information can be difficult to find and it sometimes has a cluttered feeling.
  • The FAQ section of the website is difficult to find accurate answers from in an expedient manner. This costs the trader some time in searching and is quite surprising given the otherwise top-quality customer service which AvaTrade provide.
AvaTrade 5 stars
AvaTrade logo
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min. Deposit: $100
AvaTrade logo
  • Platforms: AvaTradeGo, MT4, Mac Trading, Webtrader
  • Min. Deposit: $100
(71% of retail CFD accounts lose money)