Do you want to find out what are the best ZuluTrade alternatives as regards Copy and Social Trading?

Maybe you aren’t comfortable using this platform, and would like to find out if there are any viable alternatives to ZuluTrade?

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Here, you can find the 5 best ZuluTrade Alternatives for 2019.

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ZuluTrade Alternatives and ZuluTrade Competitors – The 5 best sites like ZuluTrade

The 5 best alternatives to ZuluTrade you will find in this list have been selected considering the similarity to the ZuluTrade platform and their potential in terms of Social Trading, Copy Trading, and other opportunities.

So, this is not a list from best to worst, but from the most similar to ZuluTrade in descending order, although all these alternatives to ZuluTrade still relate to Copy Trading, or the more extensive Social Trading.

1. eToro

The first alternative for anyone who has tried ZuluTrade and wants something similar is definitely eToro. eToro is a platform dedicated a bit more to Social Trading, slightly less professional than ZuluTrade as regards Copy Trading and the possibility to create a people-based portfolio. However, the size of the trader community, the exception offer of tradable assets (with an emphasis on cryptocurrencies) and the presence of alternative investment products, such as copy funds, make eToro one of the best and foremost alternatives to ZuluTrade. eToro is also a broker, as opposed to ZuluTrade, which is only a platform, requiring users to integrate an outside broker.

2. Darwinex

Compared to eToro, Darwinex is a completely different alternative to ZuluTrade. The Social Trading element is mostly absent on Darwinex, and users have almost no way to interact. On the other side, Darwinex represents one of the most innovative and professional platforms when it comes to Copy Trading and the possibility of creating a trader-based portfolio. Darwinex even created an innovative model of Copy Trading, where traders are treated as synthetic investment products, called Darwins, on which users can invest purchasing them, as you would with a normal stock option.

3. Ayondo

Ayondo is another Social Trading platform, which however doesn’t particularly focus on the “social” aspect. Similar to ZuluTrade for its functioning, Ayondo is a broker itself. Ayondo focuses mostly on Copy Trading features. The investment mode has been made as simple as possible to help less experienced users, to the detriment of more advanced customizations.

4. Naga Trader (ex SwipeStox)

Right now, Naga Trader is certainly among the main alternatives to ZuluTrade, which was called SwipeStox until a few months ago. The Naga Trader platform offers access to hundreds of assets, from currencies to CFDs on stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities, futures and cryptocurrencies. Naga Trader might even be better than eToro as regards cryptocurrencies, since the Naga group, the conglomerate which Naga Trader belongs to, has even created its own cryptocurrency, called Naga Coin (NGC), which allows numerous advantages to those who use it.

5. Tradeo

Tradeo is another platform similar to ZuluTrade. Tradeo operates as an independent broker, focusing more on Social Trading features than on Copy Trading ones. Tradeo’s Social Webtrader is cutting edge, and among the most “social” platforms in the field. The Signals section is certainly interesting, it’s a sort of Feed that collects the trades made by other community traders, offering users the chance to see click on any operation to see its details, and to copy it, still with just one click. Tradeo really stands out is in the trader compensation system. Basically, Tradeo has no compensation system for Signal Providers, meaning no one is rewarded when someone copies their trades.